The Girl

Welcome to Health, Love, and Chocolate! My name is Gina and I am twenty years old, currently a student living in the Bay Area. I created this blog to share my love of healthy eating and fitness. I have a huge interest in nutrition, and am pursuing it as a minor while I earn my business marketing degree.

The Eats

I eat a mostly clean diet, with the occasional treat thrown in there, hence the name of this blog. I feel my best when I consume whole, unprocessed foods, so that’s what I try to do for the most part. Due to preference and some minor dietary restrictions, the eats you will see here will contain limited amounts of red meat, poultry, wheat products, and refined sugars. Instead you will find abundance of seafood, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and of course, chocolate!

The Workouts

I typically workout six days a weeks, making room for active and full rest days. I love many forms of fitness, and am always excited to try new types of workouts, methods, and classes. Currently, my fitness regimen consists of strength training, HIIT and other forms of interval training, running, yoga, and any interesting classes or opportunities that are available to me. I fully believe in listening to your body, and I take my rest days based on how my body feels on any given day. You may see my workout log here.


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